Five Tips Buying Billiard Equipment

If you are in the market for some new billiard equipment you probably already know how much of a challenge finding the right equipment can be. Buying new billiard equipment can be tricky since there are thousands of manufacturers, and exponentially more makes and models by each one. Buying used equipment can be even more difficult, since you do not always know what you are getting yourself in to before you buy. There are ten tips you can follow to help take some of the risk out of your purchase.

  • When looking for a used billiard table, you absolutely must ask the owner to remove the felt so that you can do a full inspection of the slate. If you do not do this, you risk buying a table with cracked slate, which is a huge problem that costs thousands to fix.
  • Whatever piece of billiard equipment you are buying, ensure that you look at how the item will get to you. For tables, don't consider the purchase if you can not get an experienced billiard table mover to dismantle the table, properly transport it, and reassemble it on location. Any other way of moving the table will likely result in cracked slate.
  • Yes, you must even consider shipping for pool cues. With the success of auction sites like eBay, more and more billiard enthusiasts are searching for, and purchasing billiard equipment online. Consider climate when deciding on shipment methods, as cues can warp in extreme temperatures.
  • While we are on the topic of online ordering of used billiard equipment, we must mention the possibility that you will be ripped off. Billiard equipment is notoriously difficult when it comes to verification of quality and condition. Because of this, your only assurance comes from verification of the seller's credibility, the dispute processes of company you use for payment. Research your seller before you buy billiard equipment from them. Have they sold billiard equipment before? If so, what is their feedback like? You can even contact previous customers and ask them if the sale went well, and whether or not they are happy with the billiard equipment that they have purchased. Also check to see if your payment processor (paypal, or credit card company) offers buyer protection.

If you keep these in mind, you will have a much better overall experience when buying some billiard equipment. Additionally, you can read through some of these articles on billiard equipment so that you can become a savvy, smart shopper.